Introducing Spangler, Jennings and Dougherty, P.C.

The world today is in constant motion, rapidly changing, challenging society to reinvent itself again and again, and the laws which bring order to society are in constant flux as well.

To provide effective legal counsel in this environment requires a distinguished level of talent, knowledge, experience and commitment to clients - attributes acquired through time and sharpened by a unique dedication to discovering and understanding the nuances as well as the letter of the law.

For more than a half century Spangler, Jennings and Dougherty, P.C. has been providing professional and trusted legal counsel to individuals, families, companies and municipalities in Northwest Indiana and throughout the state of Indiana. Our legal and support team understands that every case is as unique as the client who brings it to us. In preparing each case, we combine the very best of our expertise with a continual study of the legal landscape in order to provide an in-depth, thorough and personal approach that greatly enhances the potential for success.

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